mardi 3 janvier 2017



To download the issue 5 of Grains Farmers, the bulletin of information about cereal market in West Africa, Click here 
  • During the month of December, the main cereals (maize, rice, millet, sorghum) have reached the end of their reproductive development and the harvests are in full swing.
  • The upward trends of production announced during the month of November have been generally confirmed for all cereals and their availability on the market has been increased. This availability has contributed to the fall in the price of cereals in the majority of the West African countries.
  • However, as previously reported, millet production was affected by early rainfall stoppages and yields did not meet expectations. 
  •  Particular attention should be paid to the rice sector where,  according to FAO, rice production in West Africa tends towards a record. But in Benin, SONAPRA is in the process of being privatized, all of which resulted in the cessation of the Malanville rice processing unit, bringing the paddy sale to this large rice production area. In Senegal, the State has decided to impose the payment of taxes to the Unions of rice producers benefiting from the self-managed perimeters, which could compromise off-season crops.
  • Globally, increases are being made for rice and maize production in many countries

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